Wednesday, November 4

Very late spring cleaning

No matter which of my blogs you follow (except for “Writer’s Blog,” which is new), you might have seen the changes I’ve made in the designs.

I was just fed up with the old ones and changing layouts in easy enough in Blogger.

I plan on writing more regularly again and I wanted to make a clean cut and start over anew.

Enjoy the new looks while they hold, I have no idea when I’ll make the next changes!

The armchair Feminist returns

Everything is just dandy and great for women, so I have stopped posting in March, right? If you think that, please tell me which world you’re living on, because it certainly isn’t Planet Earth.

I did stop posting in March for personal reasons (and I barely updated my main blog either, until yesterday). I’ve had a few rather rough months, but now I’m back.

Other posts will follow, but this one is just to announce my return.