Monday, February 11

Male Gender Stereotypes

I do have to admit that I never really thought about how much a man could suffer from gender stereotypes as well. Until I read this entry at "The F-Word", that is.

Male gender stereotypes exist as well, of course, but they seem less oppressing than the variety for females, at least at first glance. While women are supposed to be weak, to be uncertain of everything and to just adore everyone who's gotten a "Y"-chromosome during the conception, men are supposed to be, act and think in a certain way, too. To a woman they appear to be more free in their choices, but are they really? This picture was published by me before, describing both the stereotypes imposed on men and on women (or rather: on boys and girls) in our society:

So if women want to show their strengths, is it too improbable for men to yearn for showing their weaknesses? Every human being has both, after all, strengths and weaknesses. While it's unfair to only accept one person's weaknesses, it's just as unfair only to accept the strengths and forcing that person to hide all that is weak.

And, unless a man, a woman today has the option to fight, to prove she's strong. But what can you do to make people accept your weaknesses and shortcomings? That's not as easy (which doesn't mean fighting to prove your strength is easy, mind).

It seems as if we all (all human beings) are unable to just be ourselves. And to a certain degree it's relaxing to know everyone has the little secret he or she wants to hide from all others.

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