Friday, August 6

Sexual Harassment - a recurring topic

What kind of light does it shed on men when sexual harassment still is a recurring topic after years of feminism? Why do men find it so hard to understand that certain behaviour, as much as they like it, is degrading and humiliating to women?

First of all I have to point out that I myself have never been subjected to sexual harassment (up till now, nobody knows what the future might bring). The reason for this might be that I do not look sexy, being overweight. Another reason might be that I do not emit the air of a helpless victim – for whatever reason. But I’m more exception than rule and I know it.

After decades of feminism and female emancipation one should think that men have finally understood that certain behaviour towards women, including touching a woman’s breasts, behind or putting a hand between her legs, are definitely a no-go.

How would they (the men, that is) like it if it were the other way around? I sometimes think it would be a good cure for some people who do sexual harassing, if someone came along and harassed them for a change. Imagine the looks on their faces if a woman just walked by, grabbed their ass and then walked on. Or if she sat next to them in a public transport and simply but her hand between their legs – just to check out the package, you know. Or imagine a group of women whistling and catcalling when they passed them by. I know chances are small that is ever going to happen, but it is fun to imagine it for a change.

And when it comes to rape, a lot of people still seem to think ‘it’s all the woman’s fault’. They seem to forget that rape is, above all, a violation. It’s not a man ‘taking’ a woman, because he thinks she’s so sexy and he just can’t stop himself. It’s a way to dominate, humiliate and degrade a person, man or woman alike (and yes, there are male victims of rape).

In short: There’s no excuse at all for touching a woman (especially at or around the primary or secondary sexual parts) without her permission. There’s no such thing as ‘it’s her fault’ when it comes to rape, either. A no is a no, no matter how the woman looks, what she wears (or doesn’t wear) or how she behaved before.

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