Wednesday, June 18

EM and TV

If you’re not living inside Europe - and/or are not interested in soccer -, you might have missed the fact the European Championship is going on. (In Germany, the whole thing is called Europameisterschaft and thus abbreviated EM.)

I’m not a soccer fan as a such (and after not being able to sleep as the Turkish celebrated their team’s victory with drum, car horns, rockets and a lot of screaming, I’ll be rather happy once it’s over), but I see the point in TV stations broadcasting the various matches every evening. But there’s always just one station doing the broadcast, so all the others (I have more than 40 - and I’ve got cable, satellite would offer me a lot more) could, theoretically, continue their usual program - maybe with a news ticker at the bottom, showing the current results of the game. This is theory, thought, because someone seems to have told the executives the only people not watching soccer these days are women. And, of course, we all know what women want, don’t we? Therefore, I’m not really surprised to find a lot of romance movies on TV at the moment - most of them full of kitsch to the ultimate degree.

What angers me, is not TV stations creating a program for those who are not interested in soccer. No, it’s the way they seem to see the audience they’re dealing with. Obviously, there’s only two kinds of people: those who watch soccer and those who don’t. And all people who don’t watch soccer are a) female and b) in dire need of movies like “Romeo & Juliet” or “The Wedding Planner”. Well, excuse me, but I’m female and I’m not in dire need of Leonardo diCaprio in “Romeo & Juliet”.

It’s a typical sexist idea (one of those Feminism wanted to destroy) to think that a) women are not interested in soccer (quite some are, in fact, while there are men around who are not interested at all) and b) want a TV program that’s so full of kitschy and schmaltzy movies you have to wring out and clean your TV after watching them. I really wish people would get over it.

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