Wednesday, June 4

Pink is inherently evil?

Two other posts on “The F-Word” have made me think about colours. One colour in particular: Pink.

Now, if you took out the ‘i’ from the word and replaced it by an ‘!’, this would be a different post and probably not posted here at all, it would go to my regular blog. But this post is not about the artist P!nk, it’s about the colour which is neither red, nor violet. You might call it ‘Magenta’, too - but that’s also a character from the “Rocky Horror Show” (both the movie and the musical).

So, back to pink, the colour. Why is pink always associated with women - or rather: with girls? We have a large range of colours to choose from ... more even than we can clearly distinguish from each other, when it comes to Mother Nature. But once upon a time someone decreed pink was for women and blue was for men - or rather: pink was for girls and blue was for boys, as long as they are babies. But afterwards boys and men have a lot of colours to choose from, girls and women somehow always seem to stick with pink. (Even when it comes to computer hardware or computer games.)

I personally always associate pink with Barbie - and even as a kid I wasn’t overly thrilled by the colour. It would probably go with my natural colours (I’m dark-haired and brown-eyed, though usually quite pale, because I don’t like sunbaths - I’m not a Goth or Emo ... *looks thoughtfully at her deep-violet nail polish*), but I’m not going to try in the near future. Now, I played with Barbie as a kid, but I never saw her ‘blonde’ lifestyle as something worth achieving. Luckily, my parents never followed the trend of ‘pink for girls’ much. My first little teddy bear was pink, but afterwards my Barbie pretty much was the only pink thing.

But my personal impression is not exactly the law (not yet, *insert evil laughter here*). And all in all, I do not really see the point in seeing pink as inherently evil:

It’s a colour and it can probably look good on people (both male and female). But it’s not something you should use to advertise ‘for women only’ these days. That’s just plain stupid.

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